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Isfahan, Czech Republic Will Build Reciprocal Relations:Mayor

Insert Date : 2017-10-22
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At the official meeting of Isfahan mayor and Czech business-political delegation, the two sides discussed how to pave the ground for mutual cooperation and interaction.According to IMNA, the Czech delegation of business, politics, economic met with Isfahan mayor, Ghodratollah Norouzi.  The mayor of Isfahan referred to the antiquity of Isfahan and its cultural heritage, and said that we are now facing different problems in Isfahan which can be the reason to provide the two-sided interactions.“I, as the newly elected mayor of Isfahan, hope that both Isfahan and Czech Republic will build the reciprocal relations well to meet the needs of the two sides,” Ghodratollah Norouzi added, reminding that the mayoral election was held in Iran a few months ago simultaneous with the presidential elections.Norouzi mentioned, pointed out that Czech has many potential capacities in various fields which can easily lead to the country’s shared cooperation with Iran including holding joint exhibitions in the two countries.Economy deputy of Czech Minister of Commerce and Industr, for his part, pointed out that Czech Republic is amongst the most industrialized countries across Europe, and said: Isfahan is also a respectable historical city sharing many similarities with Czech Republic.Reminding that Czech enjoys the most advanced technologies in the railroad domain, the authority assured that Isfahan can make use of Czech experiences in the field; in addition, Czech can well help Isfahan tourism growth.

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